About us

EPOS was founded in 2011 as EPOS, Prevajanje in lektoriranje, Maksimiljan Fras, s. p. In the early days, we provided mainly translational and proofreading services for individuals, groups and businesses, i.e. societies, institutes, publishing houses and other companies. Later, we branched out into publishing as well. At EPOS, we are interested in topics and book titles that stand out in terms of quality or what they can offer to the wider social space. In 2014, we made the decision to offer eBooks as well as printed books on the Slovenian book market. We were the first to produce an e-picture book (a fixed-layout eBook) in Slovenian. We now make our own fixed-layout and reflowable eBooks as well as to order. Our main principles are creativity, ensuring quality, creating synergies and openness towards new ideas.

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