Mariborski župan dr. Alojzij Juvan in njegov čas

Cover of the book Mariborski župan dr. Alojzij Juvan in njegov časTitle of the book in English translation: The Maribor Mayor Dr. Alojzij Juvan and His Times.

Dr. Alojzij Juvan (1886–1960) was born to a simple peasant family in Vače, Carniola. After completing law studies in Graz and Vienna, he worked as a lawyer in Maribor. He was politically active in the conservative Slovene People’s Party and became the mayor of Maribor in 1928 – the period of the Great Depression and the escalation of the Second World War. The monograph by the Slovenian historian Maksimiljan Fras presents how people dealt with the crises facing them, while also describing 1930’s Slovenia in great depth, a relatively poorly known period in this country’s history. Continue reading