My Uncle Has a Boyfriend

Cover of the e-picture book 'My Uncle Has a Boyfriend'Uncle Eric turns thirty and is still single. This makes his mother worried. She tries to solve his problem by asking a local witch for help. This warm, witty, charming story told by by a six-year old Luke lets the reader realize that the most important things are love and understanding.

My Uncle Has a Boyriend is a taboo e-picture book (fixed-layout eBook). It was published in German and Slovenian, as well.

The e-picture book My Uncle Has a Boyriend is in the ePub 3 format. It gets along with Apple and Kobo devices splendidly. With the help of the right apps, it is readable on other devices, too. It is available from the iTunes Store online eBookstore. The slovenian version is also available from the online eBookstore.